“The show was laugh out loud funny and amazingly inventive”

Weekend Notes


Especially Dr Hubble

Dr Hubble is the newest creation of world renowned circus and sideshow performer Shep Huntly. Shep has 25 years experience performing in 26 countries around the world. Dr Hubble’s Bubble show has quickly become very popular in schools, preschools and out of school care programs across the country.When he is not making bubbles in schools Dr Hubble is also in high demand at children’s festival all over Australia.


The World Famous


The World Famous


Every show in a school, pre-school or at a festival Dr Hubble will put one lucky child inside a bubble

The Square Bubble

Bubbles only ever want to be spheres, but Dr Hubble will show you a square bubble.

If you are lucky he might show you a hexagon, an octagon or a pyramid.

“By the show’s end, one had the distinct impression that he could have whipped out a pipe to lead all our children away to some bubble-filled nirvana. And because he seems like such an earnestly sweet chap, we’d probably let him. Go! See it!”

The West Australian

||The show was laugh out loud funny and amazingly inventive||

Weekend Notes


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