Curriculum tie ins

Dr Hubble’s Bubble show is entertaining, hands-on and engaging. The shows are suitable for pre schools and younger primary levels. The ties to curriculum can vary and could include:

–  Science, Sustainability, Thinking Skills, Performing Arts, Mindfulness, English and Mathematics

Dr Hubble’s Show can be tailored to suit your current curriculum focus, just let Dr Hubble know, it’s no trouble!

During the performance the children are encouraged to gather data using all their senses, to wonder, pose questions and make predictions.

Every show begins with observing one large bubble on its journey. This tunes the audience in and creates a state of mindfulness and focus. When we are mindful we are paying attention to what is happening right here and now in the present moment.

From here the show can be varied and could include but is not limited to the following learning:

– Bubbles come in, and can be made in, an array of different sizes – and even different shapes. Dr Hubble will show the students a square bubble!

– The composition of bubbles is water, soap and air, and as heat affects the water in the bubble it becomes thinner and thinner until it disappears.

– Wind, and our breathe, heat and dry surfaces and affect the way bubbles behave (cause and effect)

– Audience participation as Dr Hubble asks the students to “keep a bubble alive” by blowing gently underneath it, this lets the children see their breath directly affect the life of a bubble.

– Bubbles are transitory, like emotions, they are real, but then they float away and eventually disappear.

– Speaking and listening skills through active involvement in the show.