Bubble Shows in Schools and Pre-schools

written and performed by Shep Huntly Shepard


The children were thrilled with Dr Hubble’s skills. He had all of them engaged from the very beginning.

Lots of smiles and no tears, Staff found jokes appropriate and funny. Interaction with children was all natural.

Highly recommended 10 out of 10″

Mauka Pre School Canberra.


A 45 minute show full of big bubbles,clever bubble tricks and audience participation keeps 4 and 5 year olds fully engaged for the whole time.

Schools Programs

With three different programs, each able to be tailored to suit your current curriculum focus, Dr Hubble’s Bubble shows are entertaining, interactive, engaging, and suitable for the whole Primary school.

Note: A travel charge may apply for locations more than 50 km from the CBD. If your school has students from disadvantaged or low SES backgrounds please contact Dr Hubble for a bespoke quote.

 Students are asked to use both critical and creative thinking as they observe bubbles doing remarkable things (like dancing) and participate in activities like “keeping bubbles alive”.

At the end of the performance, one lucky student shall be offered the chance to step inside Dr Hubble’s Bubblescope.

After watching the show the children will have a greater understanding of the world around them, they will have some steps they can take to help the world and, most importantly, have a much greater love and understanding of bubbles
“The children loved this performance. It was something different from our usual performances. It was truly wonderful.

Highly Recomended 10 out of 10″

Seeds Early Learning Center, Ballina

 Standalone Show:

Suitability: Prep – Year 6

Duration: 50 minutes

Capacity: Maximum 100 students

Cost: $750 (incl GST) for up to 100 students 

Dr Hubble’s performances for schools deliver science and magic in bite-sized, entertaining pieces. Perfect for whole school incursions, the performances introduce the general concepts of cooperation, recycling and sustainability, and the scientific concepts of gravity, evaporation, light refraction, gases of the atmosphere, and structural integrity.


“The children loved this performance from start to finish. We would love to have Dr Hubble back at our centre.

Highly recommended 10 out of 10.”

 Precious Moments Child Care


Curriculum ties

  • Science
  • Sustainability
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Performing Arts
  • Mindfulness
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Personal & Social Capability
“Shep Huntly aka Dr Hubble generates a sense of wonder in the magical world of bubbles.

The enjoyment and excitement that families and children gain from watching his performances and joining in his workshops is fantastic.

I have been pleased to book him for events around Australia and in Singapore.”

Jen Martin, Slack Taxi.