“The children were amazed, engaged and entertained. We’ll definitely have you again.” 

Melissa, St Finbars, East Brighton

Dr Hubble is an OOSH specialist.

For 10 years he has travelled the country doing bubble incursions for children in OOSH programs.

The incursion lasts for 90 minutes and includes a full length, theatre style bubble show-  a QnA session and  about 30 mins outside where the children get to interact with big bubbles.

Children all over the country love it when Dr Hubble comes to visit. 

WWCC in every state


“AMAZING!!! Everyone enjoyed this including the staff 🙂 He even stayed overtime so that our child who is legally blind could have a “one on one” go at feeling the experience. Dr Hubble is lovely” 

Nicole, Communities at work

“What an amazing incursion. I think I might have loved it even more than the kids!

Janet, Boronia Park OOSH