“What an amazing incursion. I think I might have loved it even more than the kids!

Janet, Boronia Park OOSH


         “The children were amazed, engaged and entertained.

         We’ll definitely have you again. 

Melissa, St Finbars, East Brighton

Dr Hubble specialises in incursions for Out of School Hours (OOSH) childcare programs, having run successful and engaging programs across the country for the last ten years.
Dr Hubble’s performances deliver science and magic in bite-sized, entertaining pieces.
Suitability: Prep – Year 6
Duration: 90 minutes
Capacity: Maximum 50 children 
Cost: on application
Requirements:  a wind free space for the show.
The incursion includes a full-length, theatre-style bubble show, a Q&A session and approximately 30 mins outside where the children get to interact with giant bubbles, incorporating interaction and play.

WWCC in every state


“AMAZING!!! Everyone enjoyed this including the staff 🙂 He even stayed overtime so that our child who is legally blind could have a “one on one” go at feeling the experience. Dr Hubble is lovely” 

                                                                             Nicole, Comms at Work