Bubbles for Festivals

Dr Hubble’s Giant Bubbles are the perfect post covid activation. Giant bubbles float across spaces creating moments of joy and wonder with out ever demanding an audience. Silently engaging  all ages without ever asking them to form a crowd.

Dr Hubble creates massive, long lasting bubbles that float over a festival site spreading wonder and joy.

Every-one loves bubbles, young and old.

Bubbles unite families and communities.

Dr Hubble can tailor a stage performance for your event or rove around your festival site.

Dr Hubble’s big outdoor bubbles are perfect for any event.

Bubble Shows at Festivals

Dr Hubble can create a performance to capture, entertain and enthrall your audience for any event.

From 5 minutes to 45 minutes. Indoor space or outdoor stage. Adults at music festivals or families at children’s festival. Dr Hubble can tailor a show to your audience and you space.