Technical Information

 Stage show

Sound: The show is very easy to run. the soundtrack is in Go Button on a smartphone eith a 3.5mm jack. I can run it from stage or provide a cue sheet for an operator to run it from the desk. I can also provide files for an operator to load into their system.

LX.  :  Very simple lighting plot requirements, able to be flexible with whatever is available. The performance consists of a series of routines, with the lighting changing change subtly per scene..

BUMP IN AND OUT.  The show arrives and leaves in one suitcase. Bump In, LX plot and sound check can be done in under 2 hours. Bump out can be complete in under one hour.


A wind free space

1 Trestle table 180cm long

4mx6m black carpet

Head set Mic

DI box onstage with 3.5mm lead

Dressing room with lights and mirror


Wind free space, 6 clean buckets, handtowels for all  participants, mop

Outdoor Roving Bubbles

Roving performances require access to a changing room with light,water and a mirror. No other technical requirements